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Leadership Summer School

02-09. August 2020, Stuttgart, Germany

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Who are we?

The Alumni Association of the Rochus und Beatrice Mummert-Foundation: professionals from Central and South-East Europe. The Alumni is made up of former Leadership Summer School participants or former holders of the Mummert-Foundation scholarship. The aim of our international network is to use our knowledge, experience and contacts to strengthen the social development, competitiveness and cultural exchange in our region. Beyond that we would like to motivate other young people to do the same thing - be the future of YOUR

We believe that together we can achieve more and we would like to welcome you in our undertaking: You will become an Alumni-member after you participate in the Summer School. The Alumni also offers the Autumn Seminar in Prague from 30.10-1.11.2020 where you could strenghten your professional skills and expand your network.

What is the Leadership Summer School?

The Leadership Summer School in Stuttgart is a week full of interactive lectures, debates, and training from active professionals. Our experienced guest speakers will reveal you the secrets of leadership and together you will go through key elements of project management, conflict management and business strategy. We will set the focus on case studies, where you will develop solutions for economical challenges as a team. You will share this learning journey with dedicated participants just like you. You will have a chance to network with each other through team-building activities, workshops and lectures. Once you become part of us you will receive mentoring from your personal mentor who will support you with valuable advice for your professional development.

Who are our guest speakers?

The heart of the trainerpool are trainers of German consulting firms, the Holz Consulting and the Horváth & Partners. The highly experienced team of Holz Consulting GmbH is specialised in strategy building, organisational training and personality development. With their guidance there will be a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and to strengthen your leadership skills. The team of Horváth & Partners will challange you with special case studies, which will build up your creative mindset and problem solving skill. The intense programme will begin at the headquarters of the Robert Bosch Foundation, which is located at the house of Mr Bosch since 1986. Apart from the lectures, the fireside evenings provide unique opportunities to meet professionals (members of our network and also other professionals from Germany ) in a relaxed atmosphere.

Holz Consulting Horváth & Partners

How much will this cost?

The fee for the whole week is 100 euro, but it is more like a deposit because you can reimburse your travel cost up to 100 euro by presenting your tickets. Other than that everything else will be covered by us, including accommodation, meals and additional drinks during our group events. (There is also an opportunity to get a support for the 100 € participation fee, for more detailed information please contact summerschool@mummert-alumni.de)

What are we offering?

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What is the selection process?

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