About the Association

We stand for an economically and politically integrated Europe.

From 2003 to 2018, the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert Foundation supported students of engineering, economics, natural sciences, and tourism from Central and Southeast European countries with scholarships for a master’s degree at German universities. There are now numerous alumni of this funding program who are now a part of an alumni association.

Small network of young professionals

As an alumni association of the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert Foundation, we are currently a small network of young professionals, professionals and managers in Central and Southeastern European countries. From this position, we would like to build a young professional network in our countries to make our skills and experience accessible to a broad audience.

With that in mind, we want to support the goal of the Mummert Foundation—to strengthen social development and competitiveness in Central and Southeastern European countries.

As an association, we stand for the promotion of national and professional education, including student help, as well as the rise of an attitude of international tolerance in all areas and the idea of ​​international understanding.

Our association has over 80 members from a total of 13 countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

The association's goals are realized in particular by:


  • Education that is focused on the economic, political, and cultural fields
  • Maintaining relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the home countries of the alumni in Central and Southeastern Europe.
  • Provision of network and knowledge platforms
  • Maintaining contacts among the alumni, the scholarship holders, and the Mummert Foundation.
  • Networking in the alumni´s home countries
  • Cooperation with other alumni associations in the home countries, who are aligned with the foundation’s goals
  • Support for the formation of regional alumni groups
  • Conducting fireside chats with experts, particularly in the home countries
  • Maintaining contact with the universities in the home countries
  • Organization of seminars (e.g., alumni campus), educational trips, alumni meetings, and similar events
  • Advising and supporting alumni and scholarship holders so that they can expand their knowledge
  • Organizing new types of events that are dedicated to engaging youth in these regions
  • Executing activities intended to embrace Associations’ presence in all regions

About Us

We are a network in the countries of Central and Southeast Europe for European integration. Our association was founded by numerous alumni of the Funding program of the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert Foundation to advance the vision of the founders.

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