A network standing for European integration

Alumni members promoting our vision

Our association was founded by numerous alumni of the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert Foundation’s scholarship program to promote the vision of our founders.

Close connection with Germany

The Association is in close contact with Germany, as the founding members have completed a master’s degree in Cologne or Aachen with the foundation’s support. These up-and-coming managers have gained relevant professional experience in an international environment, which allows them to return the favor.

Career made at home

As managers, the returning young professionals can make a lasting contribution to their home countries economic and civil society development. Our goal is to increase the attractiveness of a “career made at home.”

Bringing positive development

We want young, talented people to encourage people to actively bring about positive developments in their home countries to help shape the future of their countries from within, instead of emigrating.

Our Benefactors

Our Partners

We are always thrilled to meet like-minded people and organizations. If you have an idea we can accomplish together, feel free to:

About Us

We are a network in the countries of Central and Southeast Europe for European integration. Our association was founded by numerous alumni of the Funding program of the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert Foundation to advance the vision of the founders.

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