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About Leadership Summer School

Young people are driven to grow continuously and learn new and exciting things! This rings especially true for socially active people with a broad perspective. They see potential in improving and reconstructing old systems and ushering in a new order. 

As young people are crucial in the equal distribution of unity and prosperity among all European countries unity and prosperity equally, we want to help these dedicated professionals from Central and Southeastern Europe. We want to give them the necessary tools and means to prosper in their fields and help them become leaders that can usher in a new and bright future. 

To achieve our goal, the Alumni Association of the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert-Foundation would like to invite all young and dedicated professionals from Central and Southeastern Europe, as well as all other interested organizations and individuals who’d like to support this project, to become part of the Leadership Summer School in Stuttgart.

What is Leadership Summer School?

Building on the vision of the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert Foundation, the Foundation’s Alumni Association would like to make its own sustainable contribution to the economic development of Central and Southeastern Europe countries. With this goal in mind, the alumni association offers, among other things, seminars and events focusing on management knowledge in the context of talent development.

One such event is the Leadership Summer School. The concept of Summer School has its roots in the support program of the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert Foundation. As part of the Mummert funding program, the scholarship holders participated in two so-called Mummert Campus seminar series, with entrepreneurial thinking and personality development topics.

For the past five consecutive years, Central and Southeastern European Master’s students, preferably those about to graduate, have been applying for the Leadership Summer School. Based on the Mummert funding program, we’ve welcomed students that study the following sciences: business administration, economics, natural sciences, and engineering.

The Summer School aims to help students pursue a later management career in the target countries and promote the target countries’ economic development by training young managers.

Benefits of Leadership Summer School

Build lasting connection

Getting to know and networking with other like-minded ambitious peers with great potential from Central- and Southeastern Europe.

Learn from the best!

Connecting participants with experienced managers from the Association as mentors.

Know yourself!

Gaining self-awareness and discovering one’s leadership potential during our interactive training

Who are we?

We are members of the Alumni Association of the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert Foundation. Like the future applicants, we are young professionals from Central and Southeastern Europe and former holders of the Mummert-Foundation scholarship. It is thanks to this scholarship that we were able to study in Germany.

As such, we want to share our knowledge, experience, and contacts to strengthen our countries’ social development, competitiveness, and cultural exchange. Through exchanging ideas and networking, our goal is to inspire young individuals to recognize that they have the necessary leadership and entrepreneurial skills and learn how to channel them to become the future of THEIR countries!


Read About Our Alumni Experience!


“I would highly recommend LSS to everyone who wants to enhance their knowledge and improve their leadership skills. Despite the knowledge LSS provides, it also coaches participants on dealing with difficult situations they may encounter inside their working place or company. Overall, I had a great experience and felt very welcomed.”

Fiona, Kosovo

sanja vukanic

“One of the most precious aspects of Leadership Summer School back in 2019 was the people I met. I gained close friends and spent high-quality time with them. They were all so inspiring and made me realize that I want to contribute even more. So, the next logical step was becoming a member!”

Sanja, Serbia


“Two months ago, I got the opportunity to attend the Leadership Summer School in Stuttgart, organized by the Alumni- Association of the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert-Foundation. Ten of us were chosen from Central and South-Eastern Europe to participate in this marvelous academic event. (...) This summer school helped me improve my skills and learn something new about myself. Besides this, I came back home with such nice memories not just because I got the chance to learn more, but I also got the chance to meet some extraordinary people who, like me, were also ambitious and hard-working individuals, ready to take on new challenges!”

Nora, Montenegro


“The Leadership Summer School was one of the highlights of my year 2022! The opportunity to learn with like-minded people during such a high-intensity course was amazing. Our group was made up of young future leaders from all over Eastern Europe, and it was a true pleasure to get to know them throughout the week. (...) I learned a lot about myself, but also about other people and how to work with them. I understand the importance of body language and project planning in the working world. But most importantly: I know how I can be the best leader of my own future. Don't miss your chance to be part of the LSS!”

Melissa, Poland

Interested in becoming a leader of tomorrow?

Find out when the next Leadership Summer School is happening!

Previous Leadership Summer Schools:


5-10. August 2018 Stuttgart - Plieningen, Germany

leadership summer school 2019

4-10. August 2019 Stuttgart, Germany


02-09. August 2020 Stuttgart, Germany - Canceled

mummert alumni

03-07. August 2021 online


31.07 - 06.08.2022 Stuttgart, Germany

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We are a network in the countries of Central and Southeast Europe for European integration. Our association was founded by numerous alumni of the Funding program of the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert Foundation to advance the vision of the founders.

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