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“Let’s connect” is a 2-days-long conference for the closed round of participants with a tailor-made agenda that will help organizations for future work and development.


A project that unites

It is often said that young people usher change. However, for them to grow, they need tools that can help them become the very best in their field. 

Hence, we—the Alumni Association of the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert-Foundation—would like to invite young activists from Central and Southeastern Europe to participate in our conference “Let’s connect”. Here they can master leadership skills that help them and their organization grow and influence youth in their society and region.

What is “Let’s connect”?

“Let’s connect” is a 2-day-long conference held in 4 regions in Central and Southern European countries. It is designed for a closed round of participants from the non-governmental sector, with a tailor-made program to help organizations that work with youth for future work and development.

What can you get from the “Let’s connect” experience?

Challenge your world-view!

Meet other ambitious peers with a stimulating mindset and great potential from Central- and Southeastern Europe.

Think as a leader!

Learn skills to help the organization become an even better leader with more substantial influence!

Discover your potential!

Gain self-awareness and learn new ways of challenging one’s perspective through 2-day-long interactive workshops!

We are the organisers

As members of the Alumni Association of the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert Foundation, we know the importance of sharing knowledge. Like the future participants of the conference, we are young professionals and professionals from Central and Southeastern Europe, and most of us are former holders of the Mummert-Foundation scholarship. Thanks to this scholarship, we were able to study in Germany.

Our goal is to inspire young individuals and for them to recognise that they have the necessary leadership and entrepreneurial skills to become their countries’ next leaders. With the help of this conference, we wish to teach participants how to use their experience, skills, and contact to help them navigate the future work market.


Who is your Let’s connect lecturer?

Josip Bošnjaković is an experienced and versatile consultant. As a Certified NLP Master Trainer and Consultant for all Persona Global programs, he has more than 15 years of experience coaching and developing individuals and organizations. He is also the owner of BRIDGE Communications, which provides workshops and individual and corporate training to improve developmental and leadership capabilities.

Participants will attend various workshops focusing on improving and learning new leadership skills to further their profound understanding of the world and how they can make it a better place through their influence. 

Throughout the event, participants will be given exciting reading materials and participate in discussions and exercises that help improve their communication and organizational skills. 

If you want to learn more about Josip and BRIDGE Communications, visit their website.

What do our past participants say?

semir mummert alumni

"My experience is fantastic because we experienced something different from what we are used to. The organisers were wonderful and kind and always went out of their way to meet us. The most important thing I perfected was that we all need synergy. Together, we can accomplish incredible things much easier. I recommend all other friends go through similar projects. It is well known that every acquaintance enriches our knowledge, gives us new ones, and opens the door to new possibilities. This project, “Let's Connect”, is intended for precisely that."

mummert alumni

"A very nice and pleasant experience with an educational component. As the most valuable experience, I would mention the improvement of leadership skills I would recommend it because the event provides the opportunity to meet people from different areas as well as instrumental education on the topic of leadership."

lana mummert

​​"Since the “Let’s connect” project was the first project I experienced with the Mummert Alumni Association, I can say that everything has been organised professionally. It has benefited my future progress, both in personal and professional aspects. So, I kindly recommend that this organisation and its members be aware of the importance of their work and mission. The most valuable thing I gained on this project relates to how to manage “chaos.” Chaos is needed so that we can improve, both as a single leader and as an organisation. The trainer was highly prepared for the training and managed to share all the required knowledge and skills. After being part of many leadership trainings and conferences, this one was the most successful for me personally. That is why I again recommend this organisation and dear Mr Josip Bošnjaković as very relevant and professional. All things considered, I recommend other NGOs to participate because they will gain numerous facts and great knowledge through the positive energy and well-prepared trainers and organisers. I had a fantastic time with the people as we gathered and acquired knowledge."

mummert alumni

"We must admit that we from the Society of Researchers “Vladimir Mandić - Manda” are happy that we could be part of such an event. Until now, we have not had the opportunity to attend a similar event that presents problems and proposes solutions in an interactive and exciting way. We have learned how to manage our organisation better and deal with certain situations in which we find ourselves. We got acquainted with new ways of communication that would improve our further functioning. But above all, we met many wonderful people with whom we will be in contact in the coming period and from whom we can continue to learn a lot. We want everyone to participate in the “Let's connect” project. "

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We are a network in the countries of Central and Southeast Europe for European integration. Our association was founded by numerous alumni of the Funding program of the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert Foundation to advance the vision of the founders.

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