Sei vorbereitet für deinen nächsten Karriereschritt

Personality Development, Entrepreneurial Thinking and Engagement


31.07.-06.08.2022. Stuttgart, Germany

Application deadline
15th of May

Who organizes the Leadership Summer School?

The Alumni Association of the Rochus and Beatrice Mummert-Foundation: professionals from Central and South-East Europe. All of the alumni are former holders of the Mummert-Foundation scholarship, which enabled them to study in Germany. The aim of our international network is to use our knowledge, experience and contacts to strengthen the social development, competitiveness and cultural exchange in our region. We also want to motivate other young people to do the same thing – be the future of YOUR country!

Who are the trainers and lecturers of the Leadership Summer School?

Professionals include, but are not limited to trainers of German consulting firms. You will also meet first-class managers from some of the most successful companies. They will share their real-world knowledge and hands-on experiences from their business careers with you while leading the case studies. Apart from the lectures, the fireside evenings provide unique opportunities to meet professionals in a relaxed atmosphere.

Why should you apply for the Leadership Summer School? Because of…

…get to know other young people with great potential from Central- and Southeast Europe.


…get to know other young people with great potential from Central- and Southeast Europe.

Sei vorbereitet für deinen nächsten Karriereschritt

… learn a lot about yourself and your leadership potential during our interactive trainings.

Mummert Alumnie

… join our association and be a part of our great network and activities.

The topics of the Leadership Summer School:
So, if you...
... Are Central or Southeast-European

from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia

…Are a Master’s-Student

of economics, business, management, science or engineering

... Speak English fluently

with German knowledge also being an advantage

…Have good communication and presentation skills

additionally international experience, extracurricular activities and social engagement are advantageous

For the participation fee (100 €), you will receive:
What is the application process timeline?
Application deadline

Applications are accepted until 15.05.2022!

First round results

The results of the first round and invitations for the second round will be sent out by 25.5.2022.

Second round

The second round consists of a Skype-Interview about 30 min.

Final results

All interview participants will be informed by 15.6.2022. about their nomination for the Summer School.

Process completion

You must accept your nomination and confirm enrollment by 25.6.2022. All participation fee payments are also due by 25.6.2022.

After this, your next step should be to fill in the